The solace of being known conquers so many things.

This Place from Which All Roads Go

This Place From Which All Roads Go Daily Science Fiction
“The solace of being known conquers so many things.”

She Walked Out the DoorThe Sun
“For some people life is effortless, like running as a child with no sense of the world turning beneath our feet. It is not that way for you. You will always be aware of the weight of your footsteps and the force of will required to move forward.”

Ash and DustStrange Horizons
“The alchemy of human lives is a mysterious thing.”

In the Library of SoulsStrange Horizons
“But what of the books? Are they aware within their unmarked bindings? Do they smell the must that the rain brings, do they shiver a little as the water creeps higher, closer, until the stones of the lowest floor sweat beneath my feet?”

Testimony Fireside Fiction
“There is no vocabulary for things like the threat of losing a best friend when you are not quite eleven. There is only swinging on the old tire your father hung from the oak in the backyard, twirling round and round, while your little brother tries to push you without getting knocked over, tries to comfort you in the silent animal language you share.”

The King’s Huntsman – Giganotosaurus
“A royal right, its violation punishable by the executioner’s axe. But must one live by the rules of the sun if one is a creature of the moon? Or what if one belongs to neither, living instead among those animals who shun both night and day for the slivers of time between the two? Whose right rules those creatures, I ask you?”

There’s Always A Nuclear Bomb In The End Daily Science Fiction
“She doesn’t look like me. She doesn’t look like you either, even if you think she does. She doesn’t even look like herself, not when she wakes up, hair artfully tousled, not when she is bleeding, or hurt. Not when she is scared. She doesn’t live in a drawer, or a refrigerator. She hangs in a closet with the other women like her, arranged by hair color, eye color, breast size.

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